Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prophecy for November 4th. Come Participate With Us.

We wish to communicate a powerful message to any individual or group of individuals that would wish to tamper with anyone's right to vote. There are many rumors, reports, and suggestions of such things occurring and we wish to counter any such plan and make them futile, irrelevant and useless.

WE CANNOT TAKE barack obama's HISTORIC CAMPAIGN and accomplishments for granted.

We MUST maintain a high degree of participation with this process on election day, and give Barack Obama not only the election, but such a huge victory that strengthens his political capitol in Washington DC.

So naturally, we would like to have as many people thinking and being inspired along these lines as possible.

1.)Naturally, email this link and it's simple instructions to any of your friends who are interested in having fun helping Barack Obama come into office.

2.)Watch the video "Prophecy for November 4th" on Youtube at this link here. Watch it a lot. If you have a youtube account, please sign in and subscribe, rate, and comment. This will help the video ride the Youtube Charts and get many thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of new views, depending upon how MUCH you participate. Please DO THIS IMMEDIATELY. This campaign is critical mass and TIME SENSITIVE.

3.)We really WANT and NEED you to participate. This campaign is designed to be activated by many thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of people, and each one of us is an essential link in a chain to everyone else.

4.) UPLOAD or ADD the video to any and all FACEBOOK accounts. This is very important!

5.)If you have any ideas about how to promote or extend this campaign, jump on board and help promote. Contact me or anyone else involved in this campaign for more details.

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